Art in the Suburbs

It's kind of daunting to kick off a new blog, so I'll just begin with some thoughts on nurturing and creating art in the 'burbs.










We try to make our living creating beautiful things that might last for a while. We are writers and one of us is a visual artist, but we don't live in a hipster loft or even an old bungalow. Nope, we reside outside of Denver in a thoroughly anonymous neighborhood. Chain restaurants abound and we have to drive at least twenty minutes for decent Indian food.

I love where we live, though, because we're walking distance from the stellar Anythink flagship library. Mere minutes from a sprawling park complex. And steps from the bike/hike trail system that we could follow to downtown Denver or north toward Wyoming.Our spot of Colorado is safe and the schools are great.










Even in a sea of beige, we find our beautiful things: the fade of the day's light bouncing off the mountains to the west. Vintage toys played with by countless hands. Dolls tossed into the air against a blue sky. Children playing with canvases and paint. We're blooming where we're planted and finding the gorgeous, the mundane, in the small places.