Content Creators

Halloween is days away and a colleague and I were talking. It turns out that his four-year-old daughter and my six-year-old daughter are both dressing up as Hermione, the strong female lead in the Harry Potter books. We laughed about the coincidence (after all, the HP series ended five years ago) but it got me thinking. Hermione is an original fictional character, completely invented and brought to life by J. K. Rowling. Without the author, my eldest would be going as something else entirely. Last year, she went as WordGirl, an awesome PBS character created by Dorthea Gillim. The world needs more content creators. We all know the desperation of going to the movies and scanning the titles for something that doesn't end in "2" or "3." I sigh when I read in Entertainment Weekly that yet another '90's movie or television show is being remade again.

Jonathan Fenske in his studio

I really do think that well-done, original content (whether that's books, animated series, webisodes, podcasts, cartoons, you name it) is a rare thing in this world. Probably it's not so rare, because there will always be starving artists, poets and writers who create. But does the world see their work?

Jonathan Fenske children's book author

Naturally, this is familiar territory to us because Jonathan and I are content creators. We have sent our creative babies out in the world: novels, paintings, children's books, an app for iPad, cows with toasters*. We're just like every other creative person: we make something and then share it, hoping it connects with at least one soul, one character at a time.



* Jonathan would wince, but I still have the fondest memories of that Cow Parade Atlanta cow sitting on our back porch in southwest Atlanta while he worked on it.