Art Movers: Home Edition

Jonathan thinks the best way to enjoy your art is to move it around. From time to time, Jonathan will play art swap and move a painting or print from one room to another, from family room to kids' rooms or from a bedroom wall to the living room.

Most of the time, I love this where-will-it-turn-up-next game. But every so often, I think, "Nooo! You can't move that. I'm too in love with it where it is."

But every time, I end up appreciating the new location. And then I think, "We should have done this before!"

This week, Jonathan moved "Painting" by Bruce Clark. I was totally reluctant. I love "Painting" (I blogged about it here) and thought it reigned over our living room in eye-popping 1980's glory. Here's what it looked like at nighttime:

A Bruce Clark painting

But Jonathan had a new plan, and so I consented. He moved "A Need to Nurture" into the space. At first, I wasn't sure.

A Need to Nurture Modern Art Print by Jonathan Fenske of Fat and Appy

But now after a few days, I really love it. I'm even eyeing other pieces, thinking of the places they could go---someday.

What about you? Do you move art around? Share your tips! We'd love to hear from you. 

Art Party!

Our middle girl turned four Sunday, which of course is a terribly big deal. We hosted an art party and Jonathan took the kids through a lesson in painting their own "Pop-art"-sicles. It was an adult joke, but some of those kids were pretty smartypants and I think they got it. We were overwhelmed with the kids' creativity and powers of concentration. Cake, presents, art...color us happy! (and completely exhausted.)



Art Garage Sale: Four Works by Jonathan

Update on the Sale: All four paintings are sold!  Thanks to those of you who retweeted and shared this post.  It's time to move some art. We spent the morning at a garage sale, visiting some friends up in Berthoud. They were helping their pre-teen son host a garage sale and lemonade stand to raise money for a charity he's supporting.

We picked up some goodies: Nancy Drew paperbacks, foam bath letters and a little pink purse. The girls were beyond thrilled.

This got me thinking---we need to liquidate some art that never found a home this year. Jonathan has a series of four three Little People acrylic on board paintings that really need to leave our basement and be enjoyed by someone. So, this is a little weird for us, having relied on a gallery to sell all of Jonathan's paintings for years, but here goes: we're going to try to move these works via the power of social media. It's #artastic.

We can't let these go for garage-sale prices, but we can assure you that you are getting a fabulous deal over what you would pay in an art gallery. That's because we don't have to give the gallery half, which is the standard arrangement.

Each painting is $250, with free first-class shipping included. We can ship immediately or you can pick up your painting if you are in the Denver area. Details below! We'll push this via Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook, and then report back if it worked or not.

If you are interested in purchasing, please email jennifer AT fatandappy DOT com.

Please note: Each painting is acrylic paint on illustration board. Illustration board is a flat surface, almost like a heavy stiff paper. The painting will ship unframed; you will want to protect and display it in a frame with glass. Each painting is signed and dated by Jonathan (2011) with the title of the work on back.

A note about the backgrounds: They look a bit purple-ish in the photos below. The backgrounds are actually white.





Art in the Suburbs

It's kind of daunting to kick off a new blog, so I'll just begin with some thoughts on nurturing and creating art in the 'burbs.










We try to make our living creating beautiful things that might last for a while. We are writers and one of us is a visual artist, but we don't live in a hipster loft or even an old bungalow. Nope, we reside outside of Denver in a thoroughly anonymous neighborhood. Chain restaurants abound and we have to drive at least twenty minutes for decent Indian food.

I love where we live, though, because we're walking distance from the stellar Anythink flagship library. Mere minutes from a sprawling park complex. And steps from the bike/hike trail system that we could follow to downtown Denver or north toward Wyoming.Our spot of Colorado is safe and the schools are great.










Even in a sea of beige, we find our beautiful things: the fade of the day's light bouncing off the mountains to the west. Vintage toys played with by countless hands. Dolls tossed into the air against a blue sky. Children playing with canvases and paint. We're blooming where we're planted and finding the gorgeous, the mundane, in the small places.