While We Have Them

We are holding tight to our girls today here in Colorado. The three of them are getting extra hugs and lots of kisses. Messes don't seem to bother us; the continuous flood of creative projects falls where it will. The house is disorganized, a little out of place. But there is life, glorious and dirty; endless and finite in our home today. Our hearts grieve for what was lost. And we hold tight to what is here.


The Beautiful Place

Sometimes, shaking up the normal routine is what we need to do to see something beautiful. Jennifer's parents visited this week from South Carolina and we took them to Barr Lake State Park, east of Denver. We wanted to see the baby bald eagles that are nesting there, but the hike was not an option for our multi-generational group. So we stuck close to shore and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. Every step we took led us past the almost-ready-to-bud-and-bloom Colorado landscape. Winter was over and spring was arriving, glorious blue skies and warm winds trailing in her wake. http://www.jonathanfenske.com

We all get in the rut of normal life. It's easy to forget to lift our heads and take in something special, something beautiful. What are you discovering today?


Fenske Family Reading List

The day unfolded lazily after swim lessons---a long bike ride, frozen yogurt, more bike riding. But at some point I noticed we all picked up books today, reading a few pages here and there between bikes, playing impromptu faux Pictionary and eating pizza and oranges for dinner. The windows were open on this gorgeous Colorado day which gave the house an inside/outside feeling.

What we read today: Flannery by Brad Gooch (Jennifer is big on all things Flannery); Corn Maiden by Joyce Carol Oates (Jonathan); The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket; and a Bob book.

Reading is great for intentionally ignoring picking up a messy house. I was very happy to follow Flannery to Italy instead of sorting doll shoes and returning stuffed animals to their toy bin homes.